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Teacher Development Network

Teacher development is changing. In September 2020, the new Initial Teacher Training (ITT) Core Content Framework was implemented by training providers; and the Early Career Framework (ECF) was rolled-out early in Bradford in advance of a national roll-out from September 2021. From September 2021, new specialist National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) and reformed leadership NPQs will be delivered for the first time, along with a programme for new headteachers. At the heart of these reforms are teaching school hubs. Bradford Teaching School Hub will play a key role in delivering these reforms and programmes. The Teacher Development Network will support teachers and leaders of schools and trusts to build their awareness of the changes and how their school(s) can become involved.

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  • Exploring the evidence about high-quality professional development

    Published 11/01/22, by Paul Butler

    Emma Dobson explores the EEF guidance report on effective professional development and how effective practice can be evidenced through the Early Career Teachers programme.

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  • The ITT market review its implications for teacher development (presentation)

    Published 10/01/22, by Paul Butler

    In December 2021, the Department for Education (DfE) published their response to the ITT market review consultation. The presentation, below, focuses on the aspects of teacher development featured in the report (rather than quality assurance, assessment of trainees, etc).

    Click the square icon below the slides to view them in full-screen mode.

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  • Teacher Development Network LIVE! September 2021

    Published 30/09/21, by Paul Butler

    This event focused on support available from the West Yorkshire Maths Hub; the delivery model of the National Professional Qualifications; and an update on the Early Career Teachers programme.

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  • Teacher Development Network LIVE!, 29 June 2021

    Published 29/06/21, by Paul Butler
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  • TDN newsletter: May 2021

    Published 23/05/21, by Paul Butler

    Download our FREE newsletter with key information about the Early Career Framework, Early Career Teachers programme, and changes to induction.

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  • Teacher Development Network LIVE!: May 2021

    Published 18/05/21, by Paul Butler

    Here are the resources discussed and shared with schools during the 19th May 2021 TDN LIVE! event. A recording of the event is available below: 

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  • What does Effective (CPD) Professional Development Look Like?

    Published 20/04/21, by Emma Dobson

    What does Effective (CPD) Professional Development Look Like?

    Extensive research that teachers have the most significant influence on pupil achievement and outcomes, so if the quality of teaching is the most important in-school factor of our pupils achieving, appropriate investment in the teacher workforce is essential. But what does that look like and how can we be sure we are making the right choices?

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  • Introducing the Early Career Framework

    Published 17/03/21, by Emma Dobson

    Bradford has seen the early roll out of the Early Career Framework ahead of it becoming a legal entitlement to all NQTs from September 2021. So, what have we learnt so far and how does it put us ahead of the game?

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  • Teacher Development Network LIVE!

    Published 16/03/21, by Paul Butler

    In this March 2021 event, we focused on the big picture of aspects of the national teacher and leader development reforms. This included:

    • The role and remit of Bradford Teaching School Hub

    • The 'golden thread' of teacher development

    • The Early Career Framework (ECF) and the support for schools and trusts in the summer term of 2021

    • The Bradford Teaching School Hub Culture and Coaching Offer

    • National Professional Qualifications (NPQ)

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  • The Evidence-Informed School

    Published 11/02/21, by Paul Butler

    Teachers from across Exceed Academies Trust schools have written blogs about education research and evidence-informed practice and linked these to their own classrooms.

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  • What is the Institute of Teaching?

    Published 29/01/21, by Paul Butler

    On 2nd January 2021, the Department for Education (DfE) announced that an Institute of Teaching was to be established.

    The Institute of Teaching will become England’s flagship teacher training and development provider, showcasing exemplary delivery of the Government’s ambitious reforms through the new ITT Core Content Framework and Early Career Framework, and its changes to National Professional Qualifications (NPQs).

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  • Looking ahead: Emerging national policy and teacher development

    Published 29/01/21, by Paul Butler

    Education is experiencing extensive reforms of teacher development programmes. With the announcement of a government-funded Institute of Teaching the landscape of change can be seen for a period much longer than just the current academic year.

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  • The initial teacher training core content framework: An introduction

    Published 22/01/21, by Paul Butler

    Although the fine detail of the framework’s content is highly significant to initial teacher training (ITT) providers - such as those offering school-centred initial teacher training (SCITT) programmes; higher education institutes (HEI) led programmes; or School Direct programmes accredited by a SCITT or HEI - it’s useful for headteachers and leaders to be aware of it. Early career teachers (Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT)) schools appoint to teaching posts from September 2021 will be the have accessed training that aligns to the framework.

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  • Progression across frameworks

    Published 05/01/21, by Paul Butler

    In 2019, the Department for Education (DfE) published the Recruitment and Retention Strategy (DfE, 2019). Commencing with the early roll-out of the Early Career Framework (ECF) in selected regions, including Bradford, and the introduction of the new Initial Teacher Training (ITT) Core Content Framework from September 2020, the government began to transform the training and support for teachers at all stages of their career. The Early Career Framework (ECF) will be rolled out nationally from September 2021, coinciding with the introduction of a two-year Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) induction period. At the same time, a revised suite of leadership and new specialist National Professional Qualifications (NPQ) and New Headteacher Programme will be introduced.

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