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About us

Exceed Teaching School Hub’s core functions support schools and trusts to invest in their workforce to grow, recruit, develop and retain the very best teachers and leaders. We will achieve this through a place-based approach to signposting and delivering high-quality progressive teacher development programmes that complement the internal support provided by schools and trusts. Our vision acknowledges that teacher and leader development are two of the most important forms of school improvement. We will achieve this by enhancing partnership working with schools, trusts and high-quality providers; improving the communication of opportunities with the workforce; introducing new professional learning opportunities; supporting teachers and leaders to make informed choices when selecting continuous professional development (CPD) and support; and ensuring that no school is left behind.

Designated by the Department for Education (DfE) in February 2020, Exceed Teaching School Hub, led by Copthorne Primary School and Exceed Academies Trust, supports all 215 schools in Bradford and established partner schools and trusts beyond the city.

The networks, events and programmes we signpost and deliver are underpinned by the DfE's Standard for Teachers' Professional Development. These include the support provided by DfE designated curriculum hubs and the network of Research Schools. We are involved in the delivery of initial teacher training via Exceed SCITT; the Early Career Framework (ECF); and the new and reformed suite of specialist and leadership National Professional Qualifications (NPQs). Since September 2021, we have provided an Appropriate Body (AB) service for the quality assurance of the two-year newly qualified teacher (NQT) induction.

Our purpose, strategies, ethical goal and values

Exceed Teaching School Hub’s purpose and ethical goals are shaped by Exceed Academies Trust’s members and trustees through liaison with our CEO and leadership team. We consult extensively with school leaders and staff to understand the regional and national priorities to determine the strategies to achieve our ethical goals.

Exceed Teaching School Hub’s purpose is:

  • To support schools and trusts to invest in their workforce to grow, recruit, develop and retain the very best teachers, support staff and leaders. 

We have three strategies:

1. Employers of choice

Exceed Teaching School Hub will signpost and deliver high-quality evidence-informed teacher development events and programmes for the school workforce to support schools and trusts to be employers of choice: able to grow, recruit, develop and retain the very best teachers, support staff and leaders in the region. Locally available offers will help schools and trusts to invest in the careers of their teachers, support staff and leaders.

2. Collaboration for success

Exceed Teaching School Hub is committed to partnership working to support schools, trusts and providers to train, recruit and retain the very best teachers in schools. It works with the Bradford for Teaching campaign to promote Bradford as a region to build a teaching career; Bradford Research School as a means of building the evidence-informed approaches to teaching and learning; curriculum hubs to signpost high-quality evidence-informed continuous professional development; initial teacher training (ITT) providers to signpost programmes for those aspiring to teach; charitable and commercial professional development providers, including those providing the Early Career Framework (ECF) and National Professional Qualifications (NPQ); and school and trust leaders to help the Hub to respond to regional need.

3. Achievement for all

Teachers shape the lives of their children and, in turn, the communities that they serve. Exceed Teaching School Hub’s strategy aligns with that of the Government. If the Hub is successful in meeting the ambitions set out in this strategy, it will help schools and trusts to attract and keep more great teachers, support staff and leaders in the region.

The Hub’s ethical goal stems from one of those of Exceed Academies Trust:

  • To contribute to system-wide improvement in education

Our values underpin our approach:

  • Inspire
  • Care
  • Excel

"It is vital that we back our best school leaders and help them to support struggling schools so that we can continue to drive forward the high standards we are already seeing in schools across the country."

Schools Minister Lord Agnew (2020)