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Set up ECT induction

Setting up ECF-based training, appointing an Appropriate Body, and providing the ECT entitlement

This webpage provides links to the Department for Education (DfE) guidance for schools.

For inductions commencing on or after 1st September 2022, the registration processes have been improved and streamlined. Schools or trusts need to:

  • Set-up Early Career Framework (ECF) based training
  • Appoint an Appropriate Body
  • Provide the Early Career Teacher (ECT) with their statutory entitlement

The Induction Tutor (sometimes referred to as an Induction Coordinator) should become familiar with all the guidance provided via this webpage and they should lead the set-up process. Some guidance should be signposted to the headteacher, governors, mentor, and the ECT.

ECF-based training + Appropriate Body + Statutory entitlement = Induction

Quick links

Step-by-step guide to setting up your ECF-based training

  • To access fully-funded training and support via Exceed Teaching School Hub, please choose, in Steps 3 and 4, the 'DfE funded training provider' option, Ambition Institute as the Lead Provider, and Exceed Teaching School Hub as the Delivery Partner.

Exceed Teaching School Hub’s Appropriate Body Service

Introducing Ambition Institute’s Early Career Teachers’ Programme (DfE funded ECF-based training delivered by Exceed Teaching School Hub in partnership with Ambition Institute).

Providing the entitlement - Induction of early career teachers (England): Statutory guidance

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The full guidance for schools and Induction Tutors is available below. It is important that all schools, whether they have engaged with ECF-based training before or this is the first time, are familiar with this updated national guidance (guidance is subject to change):

ECT induction

Changes to statutory induction for early career teachers (ECTs)

  • Inductions starting on or after 1 September 2021
  • Early roll-out of ECT induction: start date autumn 2020
  • Inductions starting before 1 September 2021
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) disruption: additional support for affected NQTs

ECF-based training

How the early career framework (ECF) supports induction

  • The early career framework (ECF)
  • ECF-based training is part of induction
  • ECF-based training is not an assessment tool

Funding and eligibility for ECF-based training

  • DfE funding for ECF-based training
  • Eligibility for funded ECF-based training

How to manage ECF-based training

  • Setting up your ECF-based training
  • Nominate an induction tutor
  • Appointing an Appropriate Body. Exceed Teaching School Hub offers a school-led Appropriate Body service. We deliver the ECF based training AND provide the Appropriate Body quality assurance remit. This strengthens the quality of support we can provide schools: we are a one-stop-shop for both.
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Delivery options for ECF-based training: options are 'Use a DfE-funded provider' (96% of schools nationally selected this option in 2021-22 and it provides schools with the maximum level of DfE funding to support training and delivery); 'Use DfE-accredited materials to deliver your own programme' (reduced level of DfE funding, additional cost of fidelity checks by the Appropriate Body, staff development funded by the school); or 'Design and deliver your own ECF-based programme' (minimum level of DfE funding, high additional costs of fidelity checks costs by the Appropriate Body, programme design and delivery costs funded by the school).
  • Register with a lead provider. To access training and support via Exceed Teaching School Hub, please choose, in Steps 3 and 4, the 'DfE funded training provider' option, Ambition Institute as the Lead Provider, and Exceed Teaching School Hub as the Delivery Partner.
  • Supporting ECTs
  • Supporting mentors

Guidance for early career teachers (ECTs): ECF-based training

  • ECF-based training is part of your 2-year induction
  • You cannot fail your ECF-based training
  • You do not need to collect evidence
  • Starting your induction mid-term
  • Working part-time or serving a reduced induction period
  • If you have difficulties or concerns
  • If you’re asked to register on the DfE’s service

Guidance for mentors: how to support ECF-based training

  • Your responsibilities as a mentor
  • ECF-based training is part of an ECT’s induction
  • Mentors do not need to collect performance data
  • ECTs cannot fail their ECF-based training
  • Observing teaching as part of ECF-based training
  • If your ECT has concerns or difficulties
  • If you have concerns about mentoring
  • If your ECT pauses or withdraws from their induction
  • If you’re asked to register with DfE’s service