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Standard for Teachers' Professional Development

“Done well, professional development can have a central role in improving classroom practice and can support teachers and schools in managing teacher workload by helping them to prioritise their time and focus.”

“Teachers need professional development that is relevant to their practice and which has significant impact on pupil achievement…They need readier access to evidence and expertise to allow them to make informed decisions about their professional development. They need clear opportunities to develop their careers and be recognised for greater knowledge and expertise. 

Teachers’ Professional Development Expert Group (2016)

In considering the continuous professional development (CPD) you choose to engage with, Bradford Teaching School Hub encourages teachers, leaders and support staff to consider the Standard for Teachers’ Professional Development. This will help individuals and schools to consider the quality of the programme, event or networks design; whether it will meet their needs; and whether it is likely to impact on the outcomes of children and young people in their school.

The standard:

  • helps teachers and providers of teacher training to understand aspects of good-quality professional development
  • clarifies some common misconceptions
  • complements the existing teachers’ standards

The professional development standard and guidance for teachers was produced by the Teachers’ Professional Development Expert Group in 2016 following constructive engagement with schools, universities, training providers and Ofsted. It sets out a clear description of effective practice in professional development for teachers. In developing he standard, the Expert Group were clear that the standard needed to be based on the best available evidence about what makes professional development effective.