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Exceed Teaching School Hub CPD Events

Exceed Teaching School Hub provides a wide range of teacher and leadership development networks, training events and programmes, plus events for support staff. As well as sign-posting DfE endorsed programmes, Bradford Teaching School Hub delivers high-quality programmes and training that reflect to the Standard for Teachers’ Professional Development to the education workforce.

Our networks, programme and training offers are growing and evolving. We will deliver the reformed suite of Specialist and Leadership National Professional Qualifications (NPQs); the New Headteacher Programme; and the Early Career Framework from 2021.

Some of our events are funded by Exceed Teaching School Hub and, as such, are free of charge to delegates registering for them as we deem these events as important to our remit of supporting schools and trusts across the region on their improvement journey.

Check-out our Events page to review the network, training events and programmes we have available today.