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Parental engagement

Parental Engagement Survey

Final survey report

128 Bradford schools and partnerships completed the parental engagement survey during May-June 2019 to help establish an understanding of the best practice and needs of the district for parental engagement. The full final report is available here: Download (PDF, 2.92MB)

Parental engagement case studies

Schools that self-assessed themselves as having effective practice in one or more of the survey sections were asked to produce a case study about their approach to parental engagement. The case studies can be downloaded here: Booklet

Training and support 2019-20

In response to the survey, a programme of fully funded training and support was provided for Bradford primary and nursery schools.

A briefing on the outcomes of the survey was provided for governor. A copy of the presentation (14/11/19) is available to download.

Similarly, Parental Involvement Workers (PIW) or similar were invited to attend termly network meetings. A copy of the survey presentation (21/11/19) is available to download.

Below are photographs of the feedback PIWs provided at the first network meeting.

Key resources

Below are links to the key resources used to develop the survey. Schools in other localities are welcome to use these resources to undertake a survey with local schools.

Parental Engagement Survey June 2019 (.docx) – offline form (updated 13/06/19)

Parental Engagement Survey (.html) – online form

Presentation (.pptx)

EEF parental engagement guidance report

Targetted support schools:

Fifteen schools were offered grant funding of up to £7,000 to develop parental engagement provision in their school. These schools were selected based on the outcomes of the survey.

These schools will use the following case study template to provide a report on the impact of their funding before the end of 2020.