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Mental health, wellbeing, sex and relationships

The Department for Education (DfE) have published a number of training models and resources to support schools in teaching about mental health, wellbeing, sex and relationships.

Plan your relationships, sex and health curriculum

Information to help school leaders plan, develop and implement the new statutory curriculum.


Funded RSHE training and support

West Yorkshire Teaching Alliance are providing DfE-funded training for the new RSHE curriculum.

There are two routes to access the training materials:

  1. Supported package which includes access to training materials, support from subject leads, access to live/interactive webinars.  It is all asynchronous online learning using Google Classrooms and is free to all participants.   Schools will receive a one-off payment in recognition of their staff's time for participating in the training.  They will need to commit to cascading this training further within their school/mat etc.
  2. Resources only package - free online access to all the training materials and webinars but with no additional support provided.  There is no one-off payment to schools.


Teaching about mental wellbeing

Practical materials for primary and secondary schools to use to train staff about teaching mental wellbeing.


Teaching about relationships, sex and health

Support and training materials for schools to help train teachers on relationships, sex and health education.