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Resource Management

Benchmarking and data service

Provides schools with the ability to compare their spending in various categories with that of similar schools. Governors and school leaders can use the information on the site to challenge their schools or trust on their level of spend, to identify where savings could be made and to determine if there is potential to direct more resource into teaching.

Buying for schools website

Recommended deals regularly reviewed and updated and published on government website. This summarises the recommended deals that are available to schools to help them save money on some of the things they buy regularly.

Get financial advice for your school

A list of organisations that provide financial ‘health checks’ for schools, and advice on how to get the right supplier.

Review of resource management

This section provides information, tools, training and guidance to help schools and multi-academy trusts with financial planning and resource management. This is relevant to all schools although Schools Financial Value Standard is for maintained schools only.

Schools Financial Value Standard

School resource management checklist

Financial advisor support

Financial health and efficiency guidance

School resource management self-assessment checklist