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National Professional Qualification for Special Educational Needs Coordinators (NPQSENCO)

For: Special Educational Needs Coordinators, aspiring Special Educational Needs Coordinators, those with responsibility for line managing a Special Educational Needs Coordinator or other senior leaders with responsibility for curriculum, behaviour, pastoral needs or managing provision.

Course length: 18 months

Accreditation: NPQSENCO

Programme start date: October 2024. 

The Expression of Interest form for an October 2024 start is available to complete under the 'Apply' tab.

Cost: If you are part of an independent school the cost of this NPQ is £1,332 + VAT  

NPQSENCO scholarship funding information for October 2024

We are pleased to announce that from Autumn 2024 we will be partnering with Ambition Institute to deliver the new NPQ for Special Educational Needs Coordinators (NPQSENCO).

The NPQ for Special Educational Needs Coordinators (NPQSENCOs) is our newest NPQ. This new 18-month NPQ is designed for leaders who will gain the expertise to lead on SEN provision and learn how to implement strategies and solutions related to their school’s context.

Those doing the training will learn: 

  • How to become excellent leaders of SEN provision.
  • How to implement strategies for your school's context.
  • How to build an inclusive culture for all pupils. 

Benefits to your school:

  • One of a series of leadership NPQs.
  • Access to the latest strategies to develop a safe and supportive environment across the whole school.
  • Retain your leadership talent.


National Professional Qualification for Special Educational Needs Coordinators is a mandatory programme for current SENCOs who have not done the National Award for SEN Coordination (NASENCO) and should be completed within their first three years in role.

However, the programme remains open for any other applicants who are in suitable roles and interested in the NPQ.

  • A current Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator
  • Aspiring Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator
  •  Line managing a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator or other senior leaders with responsibility for curriculum, behaviour, pastoral needs or managing provision


Suitability (please review before applying)

Suitable roles:

  • Assistant headteacher/Associate assistant headteacher
  • Deputy headteacher/Vice principal
  • Head of faculty/ department/subject
  • Head of year
  • Head of key stage/early years
  • Headteacher/ Principal
  • SENCOs

Not suitable for:

  • ECT
  • Unqualified teachers
  • Teaching assistants
  • Higher level teaching assistant


What you will learn:

  • Contribute to establishing and sustaining a positive and supportive culture across the school for all pupils.
  • Support senior leaders to ensure staff and governors enact statutory guidance.
  • Support teachers and support staff to understand the importance of expert teaching for all pupils and to implement a graduated approach in the classroom, subject or domain effectively.
  • Support the delivery of effective provision for pupils with SEND and their families, and be able to review, monitor, evaluate and improve the impact of SEND provision.
  • Work with staff, specialists and other agencies to assist the school in meeting the needs of all pupils.
  • Implement an efficient SEND identification process across the school which ensures that barriers to learning are identified and addressed at the earliest opportunity.
  • Work with and equip fellow leaders with the skills to establish and sustain effective curriculum planning that enable teachers to plan, adapt and teach effectively for all pupils.
  • Support the development of a positive, safe and supportive environment for pupils across the whole school.
  • Ensure all pupils feel motivated in school with a supportive setting to enable them to reach their aspirations and potential.

How you will learn:

Our NPQ for SENCOs is designed so you can engage in live, facilitated sessions alongside modules you can complete at any time.

Over 18 months, our NPQ for SENCOs includes: 

  • Two full day conferences (6hrs each).
  • Nine courses (each course lasts six weeks and loosely aligned to a school half term).
  • Each course includes six modules.
  • Seven two-hour clinics (facilitated sessions).
  • One two-hour assessment clinic.
  • Five communities (1hr 15mins group sessions). 

The content is delivered through blended learning. This includes a mix of real-time, interactive online sessions and self-guided modules you complete in your own time.

The programme includes facilitator-led sessions with your peer group that focus on decision making. The programme starts with a one-day live conference.

Curriculum sequence map:


Please complete the Expression of Interest form here if you wish to apply for the NPQSENCO: