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DfE remote education support products for schools

The DfE have published a ‘remote education support toolkit’ which is part of the wider support package set out on The toolkit aims to share good practice to support schools that are wanting to improve the quality of their remote provision in line with the expectations set out in the guidance for full opening.
The toolkit has been developed with schools and is based on what has worked for them in their experience of remote provision. It currently includes a good practice guide and webinars for school leaders, and by the end of the autumn term will also include:

  • For teachers, examples of annotated lesson plans for remote ed and remote teaching webinars
  • For middle leaders, case studies and webinars on curriculum sequencing and a resources signposting package

The aim of the toolkit is to share good practice, so we are keen to publicise it as much as we can in order that the widest possible range of schools are aware that this resource is available to them. We would therefore be very grateful if you could share the link to the recent webinars within your professional community.