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Great Teaching: Evidence and Practice - Enhancing the quality of everyday teaching, in every lesson for every pupil

This event will take place between 10:30am and 1:00pm on 24/06/2022

Enhancing the quality of everyday teaching, in every lesson, for every pupil, is our best bet to improve education outcomes and equity. Even tiny and slow changes in the effectiveness of teaching would make an enormous difference, provided they are sustained and cumulative. Every teacher can get better, no matter how good they currently are.

Our research identifies three requirements for professional learning to have impact. The first is the need for a shared understanding and language about what Great Teaching looks like. The Great Teaching Toolkit: Evidence Review, published in June 2020, presents a model for this, based on the latest and best available evidence about what great teachers do that makes a difference. Second, we need to optimise the conditions for professional learning. Basically, we have to apply everything we know about how to help pupils learn to the learning of teachers. Third, is the importance of feedback for teachers, coaches and leaders - rich, insightful, actionable feedback that helps teachers to focus on the things that matter, to see how well they are doing, what they are improving and what they can most usefully work on.

In this session, I will present a summary of the relevant evidence that underpins what Great Teaching is and how to get more of it. There will be opportunities for participants to challenge and share their own thinking, explore practical implications, and evaluate their own practices.

Suitable for: All primary and secondary and teachers who wish to understand the evidence about great teaching; this will include novice teachers; leaders responsible for developing teaching as well teachers who wish to understand the evidence base to improve their own practice.

Networking lunch included.