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RQT Development Programme for primary

This event will take place between 1:00pm and 3:00pm on 18/11/2021

In recognition of the challenging initial teacher training and induction newly qualified teachers (NQTs) have experienced due to the pandemic, all state-funded schools that currently (the academic year 2020-21) have an NQT who is due to complete induction in the summer of 2021 will have access to a one-off payment to further support the development of this cohort. Schools may wish to utilise some of this £1,200 to fund an NQT+1 teacher's attendance and engagement with this programme. Full details of the funding and conditions are available here. NQTs involved in the early roll-out of the Early Career Framework will not receive additional funding as part of the NQT+1 offer as their school is already due to receive equivalent funding.

We want NQT+1 teachers to feel supported throughout their teaching career and become confident and outstanding teachers along with inspiring and preparing them for leadership. That is why we have designed a programme aimed at NQT+1 teachers that is relevant, up-to-date; designed and delivered by outstanding practitioners enabling NQT+1 teachers to reflect on their development as aspiring leaders.

The programme has two overarching principles :

  • to enable NQT+1 teachers to embed excellence in their own teaching and learning
  • to provide opportunities for NQT+1 teachers to develop leadership competencies that relate to curriculum leadership and leading teams but also creating a leadership pathway into specialist National Professional Qualifications.

All dates and times to be confirmed.

Sessions are delivered across the full academic year by experienced school leaders:

Session 1 – Thurs 18th November 2021

Session 2 – Thurs 20th January 2022

Session 3 – Thursday 17th March 2022

Session 4 – Thursday 5th May 2022

Session 5 – Thursday  23rd June 2022

Session 6 - TBC

Session 1: Leadership in the Classroom (2 hours)

  • Teaching and Learning diagnostic questionnaire
  • Classroom climate and ethos
  • Directing and leading TAs, EEF 7 habits
  • Time management and Professional identity

Session2: Coaching and Mentoring to Support Curriculum Leadership (2 hours)

  • Developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Managing change and developing resilience
  • Becoming a reflective practitioner and leader
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Gap task to follow up in own setting 

Session 3: Leadership and Subject Leadership (full day)

  • Leading beyond your classroom and leadership styles
  • Knowing your subject: Intent - Implement - Impact
  • Effective action planning and monitoring in my context
  • Links to School Improvement priorities (the bigger picture)
  • Developing and communicating your vision
  • Standards for Subject Leadership audit tool

Session 4: Developing My Area of Expertise (2 hours)

  • Conducting a purposeful Learning Walk
  • Effective use of book scrutiny and pupil interviews
  • Mock Subject Leader interviews
  • Gap task to carry out a piece of monitoring in your setting

Session 5: Improving Communication and Presentation Skills (2 hours)

  • How to communicate to different audiences
  • What makes a good presentation
  • Planning own presentation, preparing a position statement
  • Gap task to present to SLT staff of Governors in own setting

Session 6: RQT Reflections (2 hours)

  • Career progression and Next Steps
  • Transferable skills of Leadership
  • Presentations of Learning Journeys