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Free school business support available for schools

The Institute of School Business Leadership (ISBL) are offering support to schools and academies.

  • WHO? ISBL lead a team of expert SBPs on behalf of the DfE who work with schools and academies 
  • WHAT? The DfE is aware that Covid continues to impact schools and colleges in England, and many areas are again experiencing high levels of staff absence.  
  • WHO? Early in the pandemic, our cohort of accredited School Resource Management Advisers (SRMAs) supported schools and trusts struggling with capacity to manage essential business functions.  
  • WHEN? The DfE is making the same offer again this term, which could include support for day-to-day operational activities like payroll and payments to suppliers, or longer-term budget planning or procurement support. 
  • This list is not exhaustive and SRMAs may be able to help with other non-teaching activities and business functions. Support is available to academy trusts and local authority maintained schools (with the LA’s agreement).  
  • HOW? Schools and trusts can request support by speaking to an ESFA or RSC case lead (if they already have one), or by emailing the SRMA mailbox: