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Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics for Secondary Early Career Teachers

This event will take place between 9:00am and 4:00pm on 17/06/2022

This is an exciting four-day programme designed to support Early Career Teachers of mathematics to implement the curriculum with impact, using Teaching for Mastery as a framework.

We will focus on identifying and exploring the key skills, knowledge and concepts related to multiplicative reasoning across the curriculum, something that nationally children find difficult. We will work together to understand possible misconceptions, connections across the curriculum,  representations and key vocabulary whilst also considering strategies to create a classroom culture that is positive. 

Session 1 - Full day | Weetwood Hall | 17th June
How do learners best learn maths?
What is Teaching for Mastery? Why does it work? What does the research say? This session will begin to explore the importance of multiplicative reasoning in our curriculum and why children might find this difficult.

Session 2 - Full day | Weetwood Hall | 24th June
How do you teach maths well and manage a classroom at the same time?
We will continue to develop our subject knowledge while considering strategies to develop a safe, focused and productive maths classroom.

Session 3 - Full day | Weetwood Hall | 1st July 
Why this, why now? Subject knowledge across the curriculum
This session will explore why it is important to understand where learners have come from and where they are going,  for example how does understanding the concept of multiplication support children to be able to access learning about ratio? We will explore possible misconceptions, why they arise and what to do about them!

Session 4 - Full day | Weetwood Hall | 8th July
Reflection and assessment?
We will bring together all of the content and consider how apply this to practice. This session will include a chance to evaluate and plan to ensure that the learning from the  Work Group is sustainable.