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Strengthening SEMH Through Positive Parental Engagement

This event will take place between 1:00pm and 3:00pm on 07/10/2021

Due to the successful impact this programme had across 58 schools last academic year; we are delighted that Bradford Opportunity Area are funding a repeat of Strengthening SEMH through Positive Parental Engagement. 

100% of participants would recommend this structured evidenced based professional learning as it has significantly improved their professional knowledge and skills to: 

  •  Conduct constructive conversations with parents/carers that have a positive outcome​

  • Engage with hard-to-reach parents

  • Apply the power of coaching empathetic listening in communications with parents and carers

This is what participants thought of this programme:

''Being new to the role it has taught me strategies for effective communication with parents. The expertise of the speakers, their enthusiasm in their field has given me the courage and confidence to try new things.''

''The wealth of ideas on how to support and engage hard to reach parents. Every single session resonated and gave me clear ways forward - great structure and excellent speakers''

I find that this has really helped my parents open up and has strengthened relationships. This has had a very positive impact on the children as we are having frequent chats related to their wellbeing and learning’’.

An overview and webinar content can be found here 

The dates and times of the webinars are as follows:

The Impact COVID-19 is Having on Mental Health - 7th October 

What Positive Parental Engagement Looks Like - 2nd December

Empowering Parents to Support Positive SEMH in their Children - 20th January

Supporting Parents with Managing Behavioural Changes During the Pandemic - 10th March

Conducting Powerful Conversations with parents (The Power of Coaching)  - 5th May

Breaking Down Barriers and Restoring Confidence - 16th June